Case Studies

Blastworks Case Study

Oct 27, 2016

The Challenge

The mobile user acquisition landscape has become more fragmented than ever before. Complete with DSPs, ad networks, SSPs, and more DMPs to boot, it can be a challenge for app developers to separate quality sources of traffic from the rest of the noise.

In an effort to continually experiment with new partners who are pushing the marketing envelope, Blastworks Inc., a mobile gaming company founded in 2015, has been able to find scale and quality with CrossInstall and its interactive ad units.

The Background

Makers of the popular Slingo series - which includes Slingo Blast, Slingo Shuffle, Slingo Adventure, and Slingo Arcade, Blastworks’ free-to-play games can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. Several of Blastworks’ Slingo titles can be found within the Top Grossing US charts, as well as in other top European countries. Aside from its flagship Slingo titles, Blastworks also has a portfolio of hidden object and casino slots games.

The Solution

Pursuing new channels for growth and quality traffic, Blastworks was intrigued by the concept of interactive, or playable, ad units. Blastworks sought out CrossInstall’s PrePlay Ads, which present a simplified version of the game to a potential user.

For the Slingo titles, the interactive ad units are able to introduce players to the unique nuances of the gameplay in Slingo compared to other bingo apps.

Prequalifying users by giving them a taste of a Slingo game before the download, combined with CrossInstall’s robust bidder, has ultimately allowed Blastworks to discover a new partner with scale and quality.

The Results

The partnership between CrossInstall and Blastworks has been mutually beneficial, and Blastworks has benefitted from an influx of high-quality users. Able to drive thousands of installs a day, CrossInstall has been able to drive an average revenue per user that is over 33% stronger than Blastworks’ organic traffic. "We are happy with the results CrossInstall delivers,” said Margarita Vasilevskaya, UA Lead at Blastworks. “Fair price and great quality. Their team combines excellent media buying skills and great creatives production.”

Additionally, CrossInstall monitors and provides creative optimizations to all PrePlay ad units. These creative iterations are pushed in a continuous process to improve performance and conversions by CrossInstall’s in-house creative development team.

Campaign highlights include:

  • 20%+ CVR (click to install) for Slingo Adventure
  • 15%+ CVR (click to install) for Slingo Shuffle

PuzzleSocial Case Study

Aug 8, 2016

The Challenge

PuzzleSocial is a mobile gaming company that produces the world’s most-solved and top grossing digital crossword puzzle, Daily Celebrity Crossword. Their app can be played on iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle devices, as well as on Facebook and many other web properties. As they continue to grow in popularity, PuzzleSocial continues to seek new partners to help bring in new high quality users at scale.

The Solution

As PuzzleSocial continued to grow and seek new partners, the company found itself intrigued by the concept of playables and wanted to utilize them in tandem with a programmatic bidder for transparency and scale. PuzzleSocial was attracted to CrossInstall’s highly engaging playable ads that mimic the in-app experience. CrossInstall’s ability to programmatically serve high quality playables increased PuzzleSocial’s traffic and user engagement.

The Results

The partnership with CrossInstall had an immediate impact on PuzzleSocial’s business, as CrossInstall became a driver of user acquisition. This led to programmatic traffic comprising nearly 35 percent of PuzzleSocial’s overall traffic, up from zero in 2015.

“Since we started working with CrossInstall we have experienced impressive new user growth,” said Shamanth Rao, Director of Acquisition at PuzzleSocial. “Because of the highly engaging nature of playable ads, our conversion rates on playables from CrossInstall are about 20-25 percent higher, allowing us to scale aggressively.”

Campaign highlights include:

  • New user growth 20 percent higher
  • Accounted for 50 percent of programmatic traffic and 20 percent of overall traffic
  • Conversion rates are 20-25 percent higher

SGN Case Study

May 2, 2016
With the addition of CrossInstall, SGN sees double digit increases in both LTVs and revenue

The Challenge

As the fastest growing mobile games studio in the west, SGN has produced hit titles such as Cookie Jam, Juice Jam, Book of Life: Sugar Smash and Panda Pop. To date, well over 700 million SGN games have been installed on leading mobile and social platforms, making SGN one of the largest cross-platform gaming companies in the world. SGN is always seeking new ways to find and engage high quality users at scale and was looking for a partner to deliver performance and scale for their major titles.

The Solution

SGN was drawn to CrossInstall’s ability to create playable mobile ads as well as the power to serve them at scale programmatically. CrossInstall’s high quality, feature rich, and holistic approach to mobile ads were the perfect way to take the SGN-CrossInstall relationship to the next level. CrossInstall introduced playables to SGN as a way to expand reach and performance of its mobile titles.

The Results

With the addition of CrossInstall, SGN experienced double digit increases in both LTVs and revenue for Panda Pop.

“With one of the highest ARPI, player/user percentage, day one retention rate, and LTVs we have seen to date, CrossInstall has proven to be a top, consistent install provider for Panda Pop and other key titles,” said Sumee Oh, Director of Marketing and User Acquisition at SGN.

Campaign highlights include:

  • Double digit increases in both LTVs and revenue
  • ARPI was 158 percent higher than the average for other partners, with significant install volumes
  • Day one retention rate of 67 percent - one of the highest for SGN

SGN and CrossInstall’s success with Panda Pop has allowed the partnership to grow to many titles including, Juice Jam, Cookie Jam and Genies & Gems. As the performance and scale continues to increase the two will develop new ways to make playables and CrossInstall’s programmatic bidding the premier platform for casual and non-casual games.